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Speakeasy Halloween Edition 2023
Spook the Regime

Thanks everyone for another memorable assembly. It was a great turnout! A warm welcome again to our new members who braved their first visit. Special thanks to those who trekked from Queens despite the lack of inbound trains to Manhattan. And to everyone else, thank you for your continual supply of friendships to the Indie R community. 

Also a nod to Thomas Sheedy, President of AFL* and Ashton Randle, Chairman of LCR* for making a special appearance. See AFL's latest invite*.

We hope you got a kick out of our presentation on Thomas Paine's Common Sense* which shall be reposted to our Rumble channel shortly.


We'll also be scheduling one-to-one follow-ups and tend to our network of smaller cell-group in the next few weeks before our extended departure for Florida. Stay tuned for additional updates. And please keep an eye on NYC's Nov 7th elections*. (click link to view summary of City Council races)

Check out our Wizard of Oz Sovereign Vibes Remix.

Till our next Main Assembly in Spring 2024. Stay sovereign. Bow to none.

*links to external sites

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Liberty's Off Broadway 

For over ten years, Indie R has provided an alternate pro-liberty scene for classical liberals, free thinkers and patriots to build friendships, learn civics and collaborate on grassroots projects without reference to legacy parties and political labels. Our quarterly assemblies are now bi-annual events complemented by a network of smaller cell groups who meet more frequently on their own.

Indie R is also a popular destination for NYC's dissident gays and creative professionals who feel at home with our cosmopolitan yet patriotic settings.

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