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Flight Crew



Perseus of Argos

Founder + Slayer of Ideological Gorgons


Perseus of Argos is the alias of Indie R's founder. Born and raised in Singapore, Perseus served six years in the Singaporean army before immigrating to America. Perseus's parents are natives of Vietnam and members of the “Hoa people”—the Chinese-Vietnamese diaspora who fled the communist occupation of South Vietnam.


His grand parents were once middleclass shopkeepers who sold soft drinks on the streets of Cholon district of Saigon. They were never heard from again after the Viet Cong seized power and sentenced them to a re-education camp. 

Indie R is a labor of love and a life-long fulfillment of his U.S. naturalization oath to defend the freedoms of his adopted country. Outside of Indie R, Perseus had served as a GOP committeeman in Northeast Queens as part of a grassroots effort to reform that party with liberty-minded candidates. Perseus remains active in local politics by promoting constitutional literacy to first generation Chinese immigrants in NYC. 

Besides taming ideological monsters, Perseus keeps busy as a fashion photographer, art director and front-end programmer at New York's top marketing agencies. 


Erich H.


Erich is from Southwestern Virginia, and has spent the last 25 years in New York working in some of the best ad agencies in the world as a creative director, launching award winning campaigns for high profile commercial brands. When he’s not leading day-to-day creative and strategy as the CCO and Founder of SpaceBaby LLC – a branding and ideation agency – Erich lends his expertise to charities, not for profits, and other good causes.

Erich helps Indie R recruit dissident creative and tech professionals to the causes of liberty.

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